International Arbitration, Current Perspectives June 23-24 – Bilbao, Spain

The Seminar will address the current hot topics of international arbitration. The seminar will have two parts.

The first part will cover key issues related to the current perspectives of international commercial arbitration, such as challenges and opportunities for Spain as a hub for arbitration, maritime arbitration, interim measures and the institution of an emergency arbitrator, as well as the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards.

The second part will focus mainly on investment arbitration and how Brexit may affect arbitration in the EU and in the United Kingdom. In particular, our panels of experts will address how to structure an investment as a prior step to arbitral proceedings, and the pros and cons of a permanent court system as an alternative to traditional investment arbitration.

Mercedes Duch will moderates at 10:30 am of friday 23 the table «Marime Arbitraon»

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