Odessa – Interlegal. 1st international conference Voyage charterparties & CIF contracts

On the 30th of November, our colleague Diego de San Simón will be acting as speaker at the 1st international conference “Voyage Charterparties and CIF contacts». The event will take place in Odessa, Ukraine.

The organizers, Interlegal law firm will gather transport and forwarding companies, surveyors, ports, cargo owners, charterers, shipowners, agents, stevedoring and warehousing companies, terminals and shipping lines, insurance companies, banks, and other specialists in the market sectors of maritime law and commerce, industry associations, representatives of public organizations and international institutions, etc.

Speakers of the conference:

  • Andrew Rigden-Green – BIMCO trainer, Partner at Stephenson Harwood, Hong Kong
  • Andrey Perepelitsa – Interlegal Ukraine
  • Mladen Popov – Alterego Interlegal, Bulgaria
  • Virgil Nita – Nita Interlegal, Romania
  • Henri Najjar – Delviso Advocates
  • Alberto Batini – BTG Legal, Italy
  • Diego de San Simon – San Simón & Duch, Spain
  • Mehmet Dogu – Dogu Interlegal, Turkey
  • The Charterer’s P&I club – London, UK
  • Marine Insurance services – Riga, Latvia


Our topics:

  • The shipowner’s duties
  • The charterer’s duties
  • Voyage charter and its relationship with bills of lading and the contract of sale
  • Charterer’s liability
  • Ports of loading vs Ports of delivery: international overview


More details and registration – at Interlegal web-site.