IMLS – Newsletter

IMLS Newsletter – Spring 2021


While we are hopeful that COVID is coming to an end, and that forums around the world will soon be reopening to allow important and needed symposiums on the current state of matters, the IMLS is closely studying whether to go forward with its annual Maritime Law Seminar in London this Autumn. Our foremost concern is for the safety and well being of our guests as well as our speakers. We do hope to announce our decision by August.

In the interim, we offer our latest Newsletter from our participating Members. It contains a wide range of articles
on recent developments regarding maritime and transport law around the world. Many of the legal changes by maritime nations are in response to the current crisis and may be relevant to your business.

Our Members continue to be active and involved during these turbulent times. We hope that this Newsletter will help fill the gap until we are all able to gather at our 15th Annual Seminar in London where we look forwarding to sharing a drink at the end of the day to our continued friendship and business.

Regrettably, we have had to postpone our parallel conference in Singapore again due to the COVID situation. However, we are already in the process of making arrangements for the next conference to take place in Singapore in May, 2022. This would hopefully correlate with the IBA conference which is scheduled to take place in that city during May, 2022 as well.

Best Wishes from the IMLS Group