AIJA Transport Law Comission (TLC) – “Sailing the digital Wave”

The fall seminar of the AIJA Transport Law Comission (TLC) took place in the city of Marseille the last 28 and 29 of September.

The chosen subject for this year fall seminar was “Sailing the digital Wave”. With the chosen subject theTransport Law Comission wanted to explore the (legal) impact of digitalization in the transport and trade sector. Autonomous vessels, autonomous trucks, loading and unloading of cargo without the involvement of men, release of cargo via pin code – for some the distant future, for others a present fact. Does anyone really know what blockchain and its implications are? Or how to insure a vessel of which the captain is a computer? Who is liable in case of an accident? We will be speaking about these and other key topics during the seminar.

The members together with the different actors from the business went to the various panels to discuss the legal impact of the matter.

Diego de San Simón, fromSan Simón & Duch, explained the different degrees in autonomy in a panel on the main legal issues faced by autonomous vessels.