IMLS Newsletter

Dear Clients, Friends and Industry Members,


We finally appear to be clawing our way out of the COVID situation around the world, only to be greeted with a host of new and some terrifying events, including the war in the Ukraine, drastic increases in interest rates, continued bottlenecks in the global and domestic supply chains, increases in freight and hire rates as well as vessel congestion, investigations by governmental authorities into the maritime industry for a host of reasons, shifts in global alliances and other problems that seem to relentlessly reach the front page of our news services.

Many of these problems have had their impact on our maritime laws, or our maritime laws are trying to catch up with these political, economic and social changes.

The IMLS Group continues to actively monitor these problems in our maritime and transport laws.

This edition of our semiannual newsletter tries to provide our clients and friends with the insights of some of the leading marine lawyers from around the World. We encourage you to contact the authors of articles that you find of special interest, as they will be pleased to provide additional details and updates on current issues.

Best Wishes from the IMLS Group