Last September, in Mexico City, on the eve of the “Mexico Colloquium & Assembly 2019” of the “Comite Maritime International”, a tribute dinner was held in honor of the professor and doctor, Ignacio Luis Melo Ruiz for his professional career. During this dinner the book, also in honor of Professor Melo Ruiz, “EL DERECHO MARÍTIMO EN LOS ALBORES DE LA TERCERA DÉCADA DEL SIGLO XXI” (“THE MARITIME LAW AT THE DAWN OF THE THIRD DECADE OF THE XXI CENTURY”), was presented.

Among its many authors, all of them international renowned lawyers and professors belonging to different jurisdictions, our colleagues, Luis de San Simón and Diego de San Simón had the honor of participating in the drafting of the book.

As indicated in the written work, the various authors have addressed the most novel and current topics of the Maritime Law and thus be faithful to the theme of the book itself. The authors address topics as diverse as current, such as all issues related to this new era of artificial intelligence that are directly affecting the Law in general and the maritime traffic in particular, such as the autonomous ships, Cybercrime or the blockchain technology; as well as more traditional topics “such as charter parties contracts, insurance, transport, nautical goods, arrest however, but addressed from a current perspective”, or “port and sea law topics that have also been addressed in this written work that, being presented in the framework of an event of the “Comite Maritime International” includes two articles related to the necessary uniformity of the Maritime Law ”.

With regard to our colleagues Luis de San Simón and Diego de San Simón, they have collaborate in the drafting of the book with the article “El contrato de manipulación portuaria. Especial referencia a la responsabilidad por retraso en la entrega de mercancías bajo la Ley de Navegación Marítima 14/2014” (“The Port handling contract. Special reference to the liability for delay in delivery of goods under Maritime Navigation Act 14/2014”).