Our maritime lawyers advise across all areas that affect those working in the maritime industry.

Our maritime law department offers a complete legal advice service to shipyards, shipowners, charterers, salvors, P&I
Clubs, insurers, insurance brokers, banks and financial institutions, port authorities and public administrations, as
well as those other parties involved in international commerce, transport and logistics that require our specialist

We are maritime law experts and proud of our industry knowledge and our wide legal experience.


Our maritime lawyers have deep global knowledge of the maritime industry. We have one of the most extensive,
worldwide maritime law networks, made up of maritime lawyers across the globe, which allows us to offer our services
wherever required, no matter the jurisdiction.

In Spain, we have one of the largest teams of maritime lawyers, reflecting the commitment and involvement of the firm
to our speciality. We have offices in Bilbao, Cadiz, Madrid, Sevilla and Valencia, allowing us to provide our services
across the entire country.


Contractual (Dry Shipping):

Our main areas of expertise in maritime law contractual matters include: bills of lading, contracts of carriage,
charterparties, cargo claims, leasing of ships, passenger carriage contracts, pilotage and towage contracts,
consignment and agency contracts, trading, shipbuilding construction and financing contracts, purchase and sale of
ships and boats, superyachts, registration and flag state control, and insurance.

Shipping disasters and accidents (Wet Shipping):

Our maritime law team has profound knowledge of the complicated legal aspects arising from shipping casualties.

Our Firm has been involved in the majority of Spanish maritime accidents.

We have wide experience on matters such as: collisions, salvage, wreck removal, general average, marine and
environmental pollution, towage, damage to port installations, personal and material injury claims, limitation of
liability, pilotage, finds of flotsam, jetsam and wreck salvage.

Administrative law:

Our maritime law specialists have wide experience of public law matters, which has an ever-increasing presence in all
areas of maritime activity.

Our areas of expertise cover the infringement of maritime legislation, fundamentally in proceedings relating to
maritime pollution, safety and labour conditions, as well those relating to state liability, port activities,
concessions and authorisations, as well as vessel registration and flag state control.


We are experts on all matters relating to financing. Our team specialise in: shipbuilding construction, financing
projects, purchase and sale of vessels, liability of boat yards and constructors, contracts for the purchase and sale
of vessels and taxation (tonnage tax).



Our firm has a deep knowledge of charter contracts and matters related
to them, and we work with shipowners, charterers and traders.

We advise on all matters related to charter contracts, dealing with time charters, voyage charters and bareboat

Our experience and knowledge make us leaders in advising on charter contracts.

Our goal is to keep vessels and cargo on the move, so that the businesses and relationships of our clients are
affected as little as possible.

Shipping disasters and accidents

Simón & Duch is also a leading firm for shipping casualties and accidents.

Our specialists have been involved in some of the biggest disasters both nationally and internationally, and on the
basis of our expertise we represent shipowners, charterers, insurers, P&I Clubs, salvors and cargo owners.

Moreover, our network of strategically positioned offices, together with our dedicated emergency team, allows us to
respond to our clients’ needs rapidly and efficiently.

San Simón & Duch has in-depth knowledge and specialist expertise in a diverse range of areas including: collisions,
removals, towing, general average, fires and explosions, total loss, pilotage, grounding, removal of cargo, charter
contracts, P&I insurance, hull and cargo insurance.

We are focused on providing the most efficient and effective response possible, particularly in light of the nature
of these matters.

Given the nature of these matters, our maritime law department has an emergency service ready for when the need

The emergency number is (0034) 913 579 298, it is staffed 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Email: sansimonduch@lsansimó

Ship arrest

We have extensive, in-depth
knowledge of ship arrest, and we act for shipowners, charterers, P&I Clubs, fuel suppliers, oil companies, banks and
financial institutions, salvors and other law firms worldwide.

Our recent experience of ship arrest, whether carried out on shipowners or other parties, include, to cite some
examples, arrest by creditors with security rights, fuel suppliers, salvors and charterparty disputes. We have also
dealt with bills of lading and defending ship arrests, etc.

We have one of the most extensive, world-wide networks of the best maritime lawyers around the globe, allowing us to
provide, not just an efficient service, but one which allows us to offer the most suitable advice to defend our
clients’ interests.

Given the nature of this time sensitive procedure, our maritime law department has an emergency service ready for
when the need arises:

The emergency number is (0034) 913 579 298, it is staffed 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Emergency Response

Maritime activity is subject to crisis situations that
arise without warning. At San Simón & Duch we have a team of crisis professionals who are available 24 hours a day,
every day of the year.

Email: sansimonduch@lsansimó

Other contact telephones:

(0034) 659 556 970

(0034) 639 704 026

(0034) 661 402 835

(0034) 667 513 259

(0034) 686 980 550

Marine Insurance

Desde sus comienzos, la Firma se
ha especializado en esta área del Derecho Marítimo.

Asesoramos y defendemos a los distintos intervinientes en el seguro marítimo. Nuestro equipo de Derecho Marítimo
actúa para Clubs de P&I, armadores, fletadores, salvadores y aseguradores de cascos y de mercancías.

Con una amplia y profunda experiencia en el seguro marítimo, en San Simón & Duch desarrollamos nuestra actividad en
asuntos tales como seguros  de protección e indemnización, de buque (casco y máquinas), flete y mercancías.

Nuestra especialidad incluye:

• Hull and machinery insurance
• Protection and Indemnity Insurance (P&I)
• Goods insurance
• Freight
• Large risk insurance
• Reinsurance
• Claims and payment for accidents
• Filing
objections Protests (Emisión de protestas)
• Provision of colateral guarantees and letters of undertaking.
(Prestación de garantías)
• Recovery and recourse actions

• Boarding
• Collisions
• General average
• Pollution
• Stowaways
• Insurance contract
• Advising insurers and insured parties; dispute resolution through mediation
• Disputes between
insurers and reinsurers
• Calculating settlements
• Control and payment of indemnities

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The experience of San Simón & Duch’s lawyers in cargo
recovery actions means we can provide top-level advice to clients in relation to such as matters as: bills of lading,
shipping, charter contracts, way bills, contracts of carriage and agency agreements, as well as cargo defence when
faced with cargo recovery claims.

We represent shipowners and transport companies, as well as their insurers (P&I), and import and export companies and
their cargo insurers; we also assist petrol and trading companies as well as their insurers.

We have experience dealing with all types of cargo.

Recovery of marine

Section under construction

Ship Owners

lawyers of our maritime law department have in-depth knowledge of the complexities facing all kinds of shipowners and
they work with them across the full spectrum of situations they have to deal with, both from a contractual and
non-contractual point of view, and in contentious and non-contentious situations.

The core competencies of San Simón & Duch are focused on charter contracts, payment of freight, cargo recoveries and
ship arrest.

We advise both shipowners as well as their insurance companies, P&I Clubs, etc.

Administrative and regulatory issues

Shipping and maritime activity doesn’t
escape the hands of public administration. Our maritime law team acts for P&I Clubs and shipowners in relation to
regulatory proceedings brought by public authorities.

Our maritime law specialists have wide experience of administrative law.

We work in areas such as the infringement of maritime legislation, fundamentally in proceedings relating to maritime
pollution, safety and labour conditions, as well those relating to state liability.


The experience of our specialists in matters relating to the
construction and financing of vessels allows us to provide a complete and efficient service.

Our maritime law team works for shipowners, insurers, banks and finance institutions and shipbuilders.

Our specialities include:

• Financial leasing
• Maritime liens and mortgages
• Construction contracts
• Bareboat charters and
time charter agreements
• Financial leasing contracts
• Deposit contracts
• Reimbursement
• Loan contracts
• Secured lending
• Freight assignment
• Assignment of profits

Corporate guarantees
• Insurance and indemnity assignments

Section under construction

Registering vessels and flag state egistration

A vital part of maritime activity, our maritime law department deals with registering
vessels, the Canary Islands Special Registry, flag state registration of vessels, offshore registration,
authorisations, tax issues, etc.