Our team serves clients across all sectors involved in the commodities being shipped, from heavy goods such as metals
to soft goods such as grains, to the energy sector transporting LNG and petrol, etc.


We offer legal advice to all those involved in international commerce, including logistics and transport companies,
energy companies, financial institutions, traders and the goods producing companies.

The firm provides advice both in terms of drawing up and analysing contracts and on dispute resolution. We provide
advice on all aspects of international commerce: financing, transport, warehousing, production and insurance.

The firm’s particular speciality in transport matters, whether by sea, land, rail or air, allows us to provide our
clients with specialised, global knowledge regarding all aspects of transport and logistics.

Given the nature and urgency of some of the matters that arise in this area, we have an emergency service available
for when you need it:

Telephone: (0034) 913 579 298. 24 hours a year, every day of the year.

Email: sansimonduch@lsansimó

Related areas: Maritime Law, Insurance, Transport, Energy.


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