Corporate Social Responsibility

San Simón & Duch is a law firm driven by its understanding of the professional environment. Thus, the development of
a Corporate Social Responsibility programme is in line with the modernity and innovation that are the cornerstones of
this law firm.

The continuous changes that affect the spheres of maritime Law, transport Law, insurance Law and international trade,
along with the concerns of the law firm about the people who work here, make it essential to implement a CSR

And all this in the belief that certain concepts such as responsibility, commitment, solidarity, integration,
diversity and quality must always be present in the way we perform our duties in order to commit ourselves completely
to our clients and to the general public.

This programme is the result of initiatives carried out by the people who integrate our organisation, going beyond
the internal and external scope of such initiatives.

We regard our human capital as one of our most valuable assets. We feel particularly proud of the commitment of the
people in our organisation.

Quality assurance principles applied to maritime, transport and insurance Law.

The quality assurance policy of the firm stems from the commitment of the people who work here.

In order to provide the best professional services in the geographical areas where San Simón & Duch is present, we
deem it essential to guide and address our actions in based on certain principles that define our strategy.

Commitment and innovation are our key guidelines. Thus, San Simón & Duch works hard to exceed their clients’
expectations, by ensuring an environment where our human capital is able to maximise its creativity. Later on, this
allows us to achieve the best performance in order to face the continuous and new challenges posed by our clients,
offering the utmost quality.

Through multiple perspectives and by taking care of internal communication, we achieve a continuous improvement which
is key to our clients’ success and the consolidation of this firm.

Social Commitment

In an environment where opportunities are not the same for all individuals, whether due to disability, sex, race or
on any other grounds, San Simón & Duch supports several initiatives aiming at breaking socio-cultural barriers.

The more involved a person gets with the surrounding society, the greater individual and collective success will be.

San Simón & Duch is committed to support certain projects focusing on social integration of disabled people and on
education for children.

San Simón & Duch and the Foundation CADETE San Simón & Duch and the Foundation NIÑOS DE GUARATARO


Diversity at the workplace

Diversity is one of the key principles of our organisation.

Our objectives of becoming more dynamic and efficient may only be reached through a methodology that takes diversity
into consideration.

This is why we strive to provide a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Relying on diverse teams enables us to anticipate and integrate our clients’ challenges.

Through a culture of social inclusion, we improve our ability to provide excellent legal services. It is about
encouraging creativity and innovation. It is about looking ahead with optimism.

Our current situation and our future as a firm depend on the skills of each person in our organisation and on our
ability to attract, retain and promote talent and endowment. Doing so requires a continuous effort on our part in
order to promote an environment in which anyone can develop and reach his/her full potential, thus broadening our
choices for the benefit of our clients.